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Darmera peltata, indian rhubarb or umbrella plant
Close up on rhododendron macabeanum beautiful flowers
Close up on puropean or common peony, paeonia officinalis, flower
Close up of magnolia flowers by beautiful day
Close up on huangshan, magnolia cylindrica, flowers by day
Close up on beautiful white water lily or lotus flower and leaves in a pond
Lotus flower in a pond by springtime
Close up on bluish purple japenese iris also known as kaempferi iris or ensata iris.
Spring almond tree flowers in deep blue background
Close up on china rose, rosa chinensis
European or common pear, pyrus communis, flowers by beautiful day
Close up on tassel hyacinth, leopoldia comosa, muscari comosum
Close up on yellow pea, lathyrus laevigatus
Beautiful pink lantana camara flowers
Close up on harlequin or larger or northern blue flag, iris versicolor
Close up on erodium pelargoniiflorum 'Sweetheart' flowers, heron's bill
Close up on heart-leaved Leopard's Bane, doronicum columnae
Close up on purple broom (chamaecytisus purpureus) by spring time
Close up on serbian yarrow, achillea serbica
Several echinacea purpurea flowers, also known as sundown or coneflowers
Grey heron, ardea cinerea, in a water among grass