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Elena Duvernay


Paleo Artist

Dinosaurs may be extinct from the face of the planet, but they are alive and well in our imaginations.

Steve Miller


Dinosaur – Prehistoric – Caveman

Elena creates prehistoric and dinosaurs 3D illustrations.

Her illustrations are purchased all around the world on lots of different POD (Print-on-Demand) products or to illustrate flyers, catalogs, books, newspaper or websites via the most famous :

Visit Elenarts’ PaleoArts zazzle storeVisit Elenarts’ PaleoArts zazzle store
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Miragaia dinosaur walking near wollemia pines by day - 3D render

Exemple of POD products with Elenarts’ dinosaurs images :

Spinophorosaurus WATCH, omeisaurus NECK TIE or argentinosaurus PASSPORT HOLDER…

Want your customized dinosaur POD case or mug ?

Elenarts_paleoarts zazzle store

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Hundreds of Prehistoric and Dinosaurs Royalty Free Images Avalaible for Purchase on the Microstocks :

tyranosaurus rex, spinosaurus, omeisaurus, miragaia, apatosaurus, velociraptor and many other dinosaurs…

Need a trex or a spinosaurus illustration ?

Elenarts'paleoarts on the microstocks

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Miragaia dinosaur walking near wollemia pines by day - 3D render




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Contact Elena

For any question or any need, please contact Elena.

She is also available for freelance hire.