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POD (Print-On-Demand) products

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Elena produces each month tens of royalty free images for her Zazzle stores. Her specialities are :

  • 3D illustrations : paleoart, wildlife, nature, transport and zen images
  • photography : travel, urban, city, landscape, nature, wildlife, HDR

All the images are available on many POD products : tee-shirts, mugs, posters, tiles, plates, notebooks, canvas, cases, postcards, greetingcards, mousepads… (see exemples below).



Photos are available for purchase on all these POD products in two stores :

3D digital illustrations are available for purchase on all these POD products in two stores :

A t-rex case ?

A brachiosaurus tee-shirt ?

A stegosaurus lamp ?

Or a triceratops postcard ?

A Geneva fountain print ?

A Split mug ?

A Vienna canvas ?

Or a Salzburg cap ?

A hummingbird magnet ?

A tiger keychain ?

A drakkar watch ?

Or a zen postcard ?

A duck mat ?

A swan tile ?

An ibex night lamp ?

Or bird pillow ?